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Tuesday August 14th and in the BFI all eyes are glued to the screen.  Yes, it’s the much-anticipated premiere of the Asylum of the Daleks. Season 7  of Doctor Who is weeks away but a lucky few have already got a taste of what is to come.

Episode one sees the return of everyone’s favourite Skaronian threat – ‘the supreme beings’ whose aim is to exterminate every living thing that is not Dalek.  The mutants have been in the series since 1963 and have quite a history with the Doctor.  And they are back in the new series and when we say they, we mean all the different Daleks the Timelord has encountered over the years. But if you’re expecting an all-out Timelord vs Dalek war you may be a little disapointed. According to Den of Geek, Asylum of the Daleks will be more about quick-thinking survival then seek and destroy. That said, you won’t be disappointed with the stunning visual effects and production design which come pretty close to your average cinematic release. This appears to be the signature of the new Moffat incarnation where each and every episode ressembles a “first night” blockbuster. Moffat has clearly taken a different direction then his predecessor, which is a good thing. Since it’s reinception we have seen the Daleks move from an enemy that would have us cowering behind our sofa towards more lovable rogues who entertain us with their quips about “pest control“. Moffat returns the scurge of the universe back to their rightful place in this episode that will have you clutching your cushions as the tension mounts.

Asylum of the Daleks also picks up where the season six story left off. That is to say that everyone thinks the Doctor is dead. Both Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are brilliant and Matt Smith is pure fun and so watchable as per.

Here at the RG we reported some time ago that the titles of the first three episodes had been released – they were, in order: The Asylum of the Daleks, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and A Town Called Mercy.  Now we have the names of episodes 4 and 5.  Episode 4 is The Power of Three. In an interview with Doctor Who Magazine, writer Chris Chibnall described this episode as “a lovely big Earth invasion story” and “a very different contemporary Earth story than has ever been done before… A story focussed around Amy and Rory’s years with the Doctor there; before their epic final adventure.”  Finally in episode 5 The Angels Take Manhatten, we shall bid farewell to Amy and Rory. Expect River Song to pop up before the Ponds make their exit.

The Doctor’s new companion will join him in the Christmas special, which has now been confirmed as being set during the Victorian period, and then there’ll be a further 8 episodes. That’s 14 big blockbuster movie episodes, each one with a new adventure containing some new monsters and some familiar ones.

Oh and it appears the title sequence for the new series has been revamped too.

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