Happy Birthday Raggedy Man – Doctor Who Turns 49

Doctor Who

Dr Who has turned a respectable 49 today. 1963 was the year the Time Lord first appeared on our screens.

Dr Who has had some great baddies such as the Cybermen, The Daleks, Clockwork robots, Sea Devils, Axons and of course the terrifying Weeping Angels. The very first episode entitled An Unearthly Child started our wibbly wobbly timey wimey journey with the doctor and introduced the TARDIS. William Hartnell was the first to take the role of the Time Lord and there have been eleven doctors in all.

If you fancy reliving or perhaps finding out more about the earlier episodes there’s loads of info on the BBC site. And whilst you’re there check out the trailer for the Christmas episode The Snowman.

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  1. Maurice Mitchell November 27, 2012 7:04 pm #

    Hard to believe its been that long. A low budget scifi show has turned into a global phenomenon.

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