Red Dwarf X DVD And Blu-Ray Is Smegging Here!

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf X was a fabulous fun frolic across the stars – the cast was brilliant and the scripts were what we expect from this series. Add in a great set and an explosive finish and we wouldn’t blame you if were getting withdrawal symptoms round about now.

But do not despair the DVD and Blu-Ray is out today in the UK and comes with a whole lotta extras. First off there’s a fantastic documentary – essential viewing for fans. We’re Smegged is two glorious hours of interviews, behind-the-scenes pics, rehearsal footage and loads more! There’s deleted scenes with commentary from Doug Naylor explaining why they were cut. And of course there are Smeg Ups and with this cast you know these are going to be pure gold.

Red Dwarf X is available to purchase today in the UK and will be available in Australia on 12th December and in the US on 8th January. And here’s a bonus if you order your copy from HMV you can buy the exclusive steelbook edition.

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