Sneaky Peak At the Christmas Doctor Who on Children in Need

Doctor Who

Can’t wait 5 weeks to find out what our favourite Time Lord will be getting up to this festive season? Well ring my bell you can get a bit of a preview on Friday 16th November on Children in Need.

Dr Who has popped up on Children in Need many times and this year we will be treated to a new prequel to the Christmas special. If that isn’t enough to have you sat in front of the telly on Friday night then I’ll just add that this special is written by none other than Mr Steven Moffat. Oh yes!

And there’s more! An exclusive preview trailer of the Christmas special will also be shown on BBC 1 on Friday. If you miss them however, never fear for both items will be online soon after they premiere on Children in Need.

If you’re interested in getting involved in Children in Need then simply pop over to their site for more information.

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