The Raid 2 Berandal Starts Filming

The Raid

After the success of action martial arts film The Raid: Redemption it is no surprise that a sequel has been planned. The Raid 2 Berandel – which means thug – begins filming tomorrow Saturday 19th January and we already have small hint about this follow-up movie.

Earlier this month Welsh director Gareth Evans tweeted “Ok Raid 2 tidbit, we start shooting on January 19th and the first scene takes place 2 hours after the first film ends.” Two hours! Hero Rama, played by the brilliant Iko Uwais, will hardly have had time to get his breath back. Berandal has a larger budget than the first film. With $3m as opposed to the $1m Gareth Evans had for The Raid this sequel looks set to be pretty impressive.

Gareth Evans has promised to release the names of the Japanese cast on Friday 25th but you can have a sneak peak at the set they will be filming at tomorrow.

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