Doctor Who Snows A Good Christmas

Doctor Who

It’s Christmas and we know that one thing is for sure – the Doctor will appear and adventure will follow. This season’s offering The Snowmen brought back that scary side of the series reminiscent of days of yore when children hid behind the sofa as they watched the Time Lord save the Earth once more.

Accompanying the doctor was the lovely Madame Vastra and her wife Jenny, and our favourite potato head Strax. As Madame Vastra and Jenny try to discover the mystery of the snow, Strax entertained us with his lack of knowledge of the sexes and his penchant for grenades. Of course this Christmas special was also the introduction of the Doctor’s new companion – Clara who appeared as a down-to-earth barmaid and then switched to the role of a posh nanny for the rich Latimer family. Like all good companions before her she has a nose for trouble and a curiosity that leads her to the TARDIS.

Placing the TARDIS on a cloud with a rather long spiral staircase leading down to Earth was genius. It looked good and added to the enchantment of the whole episode. As to the new interior it appears to resemble a previous one. Certainly,the console looks very much like the one Peter Davidson’s Doctor Who had in the late 80s.  A nod perhaps to the anniversary celebrations in 2013?

The story of The Snowmen was pure Doctor Who. There was an alien baddie of course in the form of snow,complete with human side-kick played wonderfully by the great Richard E Grant. Grant’s character Doctor Simeon met the snow when he was a boy and grew up helping with its plans for world domination. The Snow’s plans to take human form involve the body of the Latimer’s drowned nanny.

But where is the Doctor? The Time Lord is mainly sulking in his TARDIS it appears unwilling to get involved. He is still mourning the loss of the Ponds and seems to have abandoned humankind. But Clara’s persistence pays off and all it takes is for her to say  the word “Pond”  and the Doctor dons his bow-tie and is off investigating. As the Doctor and Clara try to stop the evil Snow, the time Lord seems to enjoy being back to his usual self enough to hand his new friend the TARDIS key.

And here is where the story twists around and sticks its tongue out at the audience. As Clara falls from the TARDIS and life flows out of her, mirroring Jenna-Louise Coleman’s previous incarnation as Oswin Oswald -the Dalek,  it started to become clear that this new character was not going to be just any ordinary human. Clara’s headstone at the end reveals her full name – Clara Oswin Oswald. The Doctor notices the similarities between the two and realises that somewhere Clara is alive and he must find her.

So who is Clara Oswin Oswald, why is she standing in a graveyard at the end of the episode and does the TARDIS, which is “smaller on the outside” still have a swimming pool? The new series in 2013 may have all the answers here’s a sneak peak at what to expect

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  1. Maurice Mitchell December 28, 2012 10:12 pm #

    A great episode. Lots of excellent callbacks in this episode. BTW you should join our blog hop! Sign up here

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