Falling Skies, Fishheads and Freaks

Falling Skies


So we’re halfway through the second series of Falling Skies and I have to say it’s getting better.  Last week’s opening scene in Love and Other Acts of Courage with the Skitters was eerie and wonderful at the same time. The Skitters’ rebellion and Ben’s part in it are a great addition to the plot and the whole episode had me engrossed.

So I sat down with great anticipation this week to watch Homecoming.  Episode 6 opened with Tom and Anne happy that they have found a good use for those clean sheets in the hospital.  Now I was slightly concerned when they got to their new ‘home’ and all Proffessor-totes-a-machine-gun could think of was the many empty rooms in the building and how quickly he could drag Dr Vivacious into one.  Post sexy time Tom nostalgically speaks of how he misses things from the time before the invasion, particualrly ‘the smell of that New England air’ – shouldn’t it be his recently deceased wife that he pines for?  My concern grows for those three boys of his.

Speaking of which just like his father Hal is off with Maggie in the woods and all he can think of is how to get his end away.  This is all put to a stop as the complex Maggie explains she cannot have a relationship because… oh who cares there are bodies under the leaves!   And one of them is alive and turns out to be Karen.  I did appreciate the strategically-placed leaves on her naked body keeping the show PG.  Although I cannot speak for how Hal was feeling – with all those empty rooms in the hospital who knows what was going through his head.

But spare a thought here for Captain Weaver.  The bite from the alien slug-like thing has develped into an infection and he could die. Handy, then, that they are in a hospital. Cue medical jargon, concerned faces, repetitions of ‘he’ll be alright’ and Dr Anne saying the dreaded words that he is, in fact, ‘exponentially worse’ – because she is a doctor and she can use those big words.  Luckily for Weaver this great use of vocabulary does not prompt Tom to drag the good doctor off to another empty room.

The finest points in this episode for me were when Ben and Hal have a spat and Hal calls Ben a freak – ah a hark back to those halcyon days Tom was referring to at the beginning of the episode no doubt.  And of course the best bit is that Pope is back and referring to the alien overlords as fishheads. Wonderful!


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  1. The Geek Twins August 9, 2012 10:01 pm #

    This was a good espisode. It figures Pope would think of the best nickname for those things. I never thought about how quickly he got over his wife. LOL

  2. The Reluctant Geek August 10, 2012 12:32 pm #

    “What gang were you in? Bloods? Crips? Slytherin?” – ah what would we do without Pope?!

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