Fringe – Buying Jewellery As The World Ends


First of all can I just say – SIMON. And no, I am not referring to Mr Pegg or Mr Cowell but the 80s game. When Peter went into that shop at the beginning of  episode 4 to buy a necklace and noticed the retro game I caught my breath. Watching the Observer playing it later brought back such fond memories.

Anyway, so to Fringe and the newest installment. It was quite an episode this week. Slightly odd decision by Peter to go jewellery shopping. The world may be overrun by cold-hearted bald men in hats but Mr Bishop is going to get his little girl a necklace. The mind boggles. So Etta has a new necklace to place “the bullet that saved the world” on. Wonderful and perhaps if she had been given the “gun that killed the baldies” things might have gone a little differently.

Of course the team were off to find yet another clue taken from yet another video Walter had made. This time it is hidden in a train station – a childhood hidey hole of Walter’s. Using one of the weapons Walter stored from their Fringe days they manage to get to the heavily-guarded station by spraying a gas that seals mouths and noses.

They escape with the clue and run into Broyles who turns out to be on the good side – that is with Team Walter Bishop.  There’s a lovely reunion with hugs and smiles and then the giving out of weapons. Just like Nellie the Elephant Broyles has packed his trunk and there’s some great guns and cool spy stuff in there.  Hurrah!!

Things seem to be going all wonderfully until the Obeservers discover where the team is and there is a  bit of a shootout. In the process little blond Etta gets shot. This came as a bit of shock. Killing such a large character is a bold move.

Could Etta’s story really be over? Perhaps September’s plan will include a way to get her back? Well nine more episodes to go before all our questions are answered…


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