Fringe – Only Two To Go


The weird and wonderful time hopping, parallel universe world that is Fringe is getting very close to its end. It’s been quite a roller coaster – at times a little confusing, sometimes frustrating but certainly watchable. There was a fear that it may just be tied up into one messed up bundle of loose ends, disjointed plots and an ending that was hastily stuck together. However, recent developments have proved that Fringe could be on course for a decent finish with, I hope, some surprising revelations along the way.

Last night’s episode The Boy Must Live revealed yet another secret. Micheal, the little Observer boy is, in fact, September’s son. And so his words “the boy is important” said when he rescued Walter and a young Peter from the frozen lake, were in fact about Michael and not Peter. Interesting. Of course the plan whereby Michael will go to the future time where the scientists are creating intelligent humans and convince them that they do not need to take away emotion sounds good but then how will that effect the present? Wouldn’t it create a paradox? Ah forget about it!!

At any rate this may not happen as Windmark now has Michael – a more interesting plot development. Windmark has exhibited emotions subtly and in The Boy Must Live he finally admitted it by telling his superior he felt the need for revenge. His obsession with the ‘rebel’ group is certainly more human than Observer and of course there was that great moment when he listened to jazz in September’s apartment and the other Observer found himself tapping his foot. Could this be an indication that they do have some sort of emotion still trapped somewhere? Or is it because they have spent too much time around the humans?

Walter and Peter’s moment as they walked to September’s house was truly touching and showed how far Walter’s character has come. He has changed from the cold scientist into the loving father. Although it does seem like they are setting the character up for an exit. Walter seems almost at peace with everything now that he has seen his past. His conversation with September did indicate that he may have to sacrifice his life but will this still be the same if the plan changes?

With Michael in the hands of Windmark does that mean September’s plans have been scuppered? Or was this his plan all along? Micheal and September appear to have a strong connection and their moments when they stare into each other’s eyes, palms touching, do make me wonder if Michael is communicating telepathically with his father. If so was it part of the plan that he would allow Windmark to capture him? And could that be because the Observers are the only ones who can time jump – hence allowing Michael to carry out the plan? Or could Michael change Windmark’s mind about him and the humans? As the Observers and Windmark in particular are displaying slight emotion then it is not unreasonable to presume that Michael could convince them to leave the humans alone.

Luckily we won’t have to wait until next week. Sky will be showing the last episode of Fringe which is a double episode at the same time that it airsĀ  in the US. So that’ll be a massive two hours of Fringe on at 1:10 am on Saturday morning. And from the looks of the trailer it’s going to be explosive!


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