Vampire Diaries – All So Different Now

The Vampire Diaries

“This is my home.” “And mine.” “And mine.” Ok Stefan, Damon and Elena we get the picture. The aptly-named Mystic Falls is where the love triangle plays out and many supernatural beings live. This week the fallout from killing one of THE FIVE was all on Elena’s delicate shoulders. Of course it was.

Do you remember when Elena Gilbert was just a human girl looking for a boy to love, crying and writing in her diary? Remember how she was often the victim of some vampire or other (Katherine, Klaus) bent on killing her and then she would have to be rescued by the Salvatore brothers and various friends and family members? Now she herself is a scary vampire things are so different. Since she was turned we have seen Elena writing in her diary once more, crying, captured by Klaus and then rescued by… oh…

Elena’s first kill resulted in some awful nightmares where Connor Jordon repeatedly appeared to her and urged her to kill herself. But luckily Klaus has experience of this as he killed The Five in the past. Coincidence? So he locks Elena up in a windowless room. She also has visions of Katherine – a woman who does mean with full-bodied curly hair. Meanwhile the Scooby gang plan her release and end up losing her. Elena runs to the bridge where she plans to kills herself when the sun comes  up.

But there’s a cure. Yes, another one. The curse of killing a vampire hunter can be broken and the person to do it is in Mystic Falls. Coincidence? Hmmm…  In fact, it is none other than baby Gilbert – Jeremy. Come on!! As Damon talks to Elena as she stands by the bridge, Jeremy kills a hybrid thus adding to the invisible tattoo and saving his sister. Hoorah!!

The episode ended with Dawson and Joey… sorry Elena and Stefan having a heart to heart. Elena is once again torn between the two Salvatore brothers and Stefan has had enough. About time really.

So tune in next week when Caroline will be going on a date with Klaus, Stefan will, doubtless, be crying into his pillow and Damon may get the girl. Maybe  there’ll be a basketball game and a prom too? And obviously a cure of two.


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